Umberto Tosoni
Chief Executive Officer

«We are fully aware that sustainable action is a tool to improve our industrial and economic performance and to create value in the medium to long term for all our Stakeholders.»

Umberto Tosoni
Chief Executive Officer

Our purpose

To contribute to the growth, sustainability and development of the regions in which we operate our infrastructure.

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Sustainability indices

Sustainability indices and ratings assess companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. They are the recognition of a clear long-term strategic vision, stability of operational management and commitment to meeting environmental and social needs.

Below are the results achieved so far by ASTM:

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CDP Climate Change

In 2022 ASTM was confirmed as a global leader in the fight against climate change by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), achieving an A- rating. The Group was assessed on the basis of the actions introduced to reduce emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop a low-carbon economy.

Of the more than 15,000 companies that joined the initiative in 2022, 257 are Italian and of these 8% have reached a level of Leadership (A / A-).

Standard Ethics Rating

Standard Ethics has confirmed a rating on ASTM, assigning an EE (Strong) rating, foreseeing a Long Term Expected SER over 1/2 years of EE+ (Very strong), recognising how the Company has adopted both ESG reporting models and sustainability strategies in line with international guidelines promoted by the UN, OECD and the European Union and has adequately addressed environmental, social and security issues.



Sustainalytics assigned a Top-Rated award to ASTM in its geographical area (Europe). On a scale of five risk categories (negligible, low, medium, high, severe) the ESG Risk Rating attributed to ASTM is equal to 5.3 (Negligible), i.e. the economic value potentially at risk due to ESG factors not managed is negligible.


ASTM achieved an MSCI ESG rating of A (average). The MSCI ESG rating is designed to measure the resilience of a company to long-term environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the sector.

Integrated Governance Index

ASTM is ranked first, among unlisted Italian companies, in the 2023 Integrated Governance Index (IGI), a rating promoted by EticaNews that measures the inclusion of ESG criteria in corporate governance and management models.

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Agency/Organization Rating
CDP Climate Change A-
Standard Ethics Rating EE (Strong)
Sustainalytics Top rated 5.3 (Negligible)
MSCI A (Average)
Integrated Governance Index 1st