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A company is made of people. On this page, our employees tell their stories, talk about their aspirations, passions and the skills that make the ASTM Group what it is today.
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MONICA CONTE – Construction Management and Safety Coordination Office

«Just before obtaining my Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering, I joined SINA at the Asti-Cuneo highway construction site. In my role as assistant to the Safety Coordinator, I verify the application at the construction site of the provisions of current regulations and the suitability of the safety documentation of the contractors. Thanks to SINA and the ASTM Group, I am confronted on a daily basis with highly qualified professional figures, which allows me to learn from their experience»

GABRIELE BOSCHETTI - Itinera Group Consolidated Financial Statements Manager

«As Consolidated Financial Reporting Manager of Itinera, I am responsible for coordinating the process of preparing, on a quarterly basis, financial reporting for the benefit of management and internal and foreign stakeholders. Of my role, also due to the typical complexity of an international Group, I appreciate the opportunity to interface with multiple company lines. I believe that transparency and communication skills are critical to performing my job effectively»


«I joined Sinelec as a Product Manager in the competence centre for electronic tolling and access control. The invaluable work done by the development team every day contributes to the study, creation, and engineering of the toll systems of the future. The ASTM Group is international in scope and my role within it has allowed me to contribute to projects and tenders in Italy, Abu Dhabi, the United States and Brazil, where we are designing the country’s first multi-lane free-flow toll system»

FERRARI PAOLA – Environmental technician and designer

«I have been working for SINA since 2006, I joined the company after graduating in Geological Sciences, and since then I have been working in the Environment sector. I deal mainly with the management of excavation materials, quarries, waste and contaminated sites. My contribution, in the design phase, consists in studying the best solutions that make it possible to apply good operating practices, and then make sure, during the implementation phase, that we comply with regulations. The multidisciplinary nature of the projects in which I am involved allows me to apply the technical knowledge in the infrastructural and environmental fields acquired during my studies, but also to develop new skills, to acquire greater autonomy, professionalism and confidence in my dailty work»