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A company is made of people. On this page, our employees tell their stories, talk about their aspirations, passions and the skills that make the ASTM Group what it is today.
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GIUSEPPE DE ROSA – Finance Manager

«I have been involved in Finance and Cash Management in ASTM for five years. My job allows me to make a concrete contribution not only to the development of the Group, but also to the territories where it operates, by means of structured loans to support strategic infrastructure assets. Additionally, the importance of sustainability in our business strategy makes my role even more interesting: finance becomes a tool for sustainable development, in line with ASTM’s vision and values; values that I share and that strengthen my sense of belonging to the Group. For me, working in the ASTM Group means “exchange” with the various colleagues who bring specific and multidisciplinary expertise. It means “understanding” the experiences and skills of others and it means “growth” and continuous in the context of increasingly challenging issues.»

CALIO' MICHELE - Investment Implementation and Monitoring Manager

«My career at ASTM began in 2012: I entered the ‘world’ of motorway concessionaires, a field that had become of great interest to me following previous collaborations in the modernisation of several lots on the Turin-Milan motorway. From being a ‘Programming and Project Control’ specialist, I moved to the ‘Implementation and Monitoring of Investments’ Organisational Unit and then became one of the managers within the Technical Management of Autostrada dei Fiori for the A6 Turin – Savona and A10 Savona – Ventimiglia sections. My current area of responsibility ranges, for both motorway sections, from investment monitoring to the relationship with the Granting Ministry, via works accounting. It is a very dynamic role, very compatible with my personal skills and aptitudes. I am grateful to my team – which faces the most intense work periods with professionalism, attention and dedication – and to the company: both are a daily source of motivation for me.»

ARLINDA PROI – Project Engineer, Technical Department

«I work in Itinera’s Capex Design Coordination department, which is responsible for the technical and economic evaluation of in-house designs. Myself and my colleagues work in close collaboration with the concessionaires and the designers in evaluating the design choices for forthcoming works, identifying issues and proposing alternative solutions that can deliver optimisation from an executive, time and economic point of view. Helping to improve a design before the commencement of works is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role. The multifaceted aspects of the job and the variety of reference people and correspondents also allow me to grow in both human and professional terms, giving me something new to learn every day.»

SIMONE CONSO – Head of Connected Mobility

«I am in charge of the digitalisation of transport infrastructure which is driving us towards a new smart and connected mobility. Every day I try my hand at new, increasingly stimulating challenges that allow me to contribute to shaping future scenarios to offer operators and drivers the opportunity to exchange information to optimise their journeys, reducing accidents, congestion and polluting emissions.  Innovation plays a fundamental role in my work: the real driving force that pushes us towards new, as yet unexplored boundaries and solutions. I am proud that my contribution can make a difference in a fundamental area in the daily lives of so many people: road safety.»