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Employee testimonials.
A company is made of people. On this page, our employees tell their stories, talk about their aspirations, passions and the skills that make the ASTM Group what it is today.
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GIUSEPPE DE ROSA - Finance Manager

«I have been involved in Finance and Cash Management in ASTM for five years. My job allows me to make a concrete contribution not only to the development of the Group, but also to the territories where it operates, by means of structured loans to support strategic infrastructure assets.
Additionally, the importance of sustainability in our business strategy makes my role even more interesting: finance becomes a tool for sustainable development, in line with ASTM’s vision and values; values that I share and that strengthen my sense of belonging to the Group.
For me, working in the ASTM Group means “exchange” with the various colleagues who bring specific and multidisciplinary expertise. It means “understanding” the experiences and skills of others and it means “growth” and continuous in the context of increasingly challenging issues.»

LUCA ALFARANO - Construction Project Engineer

«Itinera is my first real professional experience. I joined the company immediately after graduating and participated in the Reem Mall Project, a 600,000 m2 shopping centre in Abu Dhabi. As Project Engineer, I managed the site logistics, developing my skills in the fields of general coordination, site management and quality control. Later, as Logistics Manager I improved my level of interaction, negotiating skills, time management, problem solving and team management skills.
I am now working in Vordingborg as Bridge Erection Engineer on the Storstrøm Bridge project. Site management is a challenging, extremely dynamic, unpredictable and exciting field — all characteristics that suit my personality. Being part of the daily growth of a civil engineering project and seeing it through to its completion is one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.»

PATRICIA COSTA - Corporate communications manager

«I work in corporate communications, seeking to strengthen and protect the image of the Group in Brazil both internally and externally. My aim is to tell the story of the company’s activities, the work of the motorway companies and the port concession, and to highlight the commitment of more than 4,000 colleagues in Brazil.
It is an exciting role for me because I love working as part of a team. As corporate communications manager, I am continuously exchanging information with all departments, so I can combine my natural interpersonal skills with the needs of my job.»

FERRARI PAOLA - Environmental technician and designer

«I have been working for SINA since 2006, I joined the company after graduating in Geological Sciences, and since then I have been working in the Environment sector. I deal mainly with the management of excavation materials, quarries, waste and contaminated sites. My contribution, in the design phase, consists in studying the best solutions that make it possible to apply good operating practices, and then make sure, during the implementation phase, that we comply with regulations. The multidisciplinary nature of the projects in which I am involved allows me to apply the technical knowledge in the infrastructural and environmental fields acquired during my studies, but also to develop new skills, to acquire greater autonomy, professionalism and confidence in my dailty work.»