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CHRISTIAN BONALDI - Civil Works and Infrastructure Efficiency Monitoring Manager

«I am the manager of the Infrastructure Efficiency Monitoring unit and the Investments and Civil Works Maintenance unit of Section A6 Turin-Savona of the Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. My colleagues and I conduct surveys, inspections and controls to monitor the condition of infrastructure and collect the information required to plan the works to be performed on the various motorway assets. We are also responsible for planning the interventions, coordinating and managing all phases of the works and checking that they are performed as planned and in accordance with the relative deadlines and budgets. The experience I’ve developed over the years has laid the foundations to enable me to perform my role with increasing awareness and responsibility, focusing my attention on the safety of road users and workers.»

LORETTA CORTI - Communications Manager

«I work in ASTM’s communication office, dealing with the development and management of the Group’s communication activities so that they are effective, incisive, and representative of the values that distinguish us. After about two years in Sinelec, ASTM’s technological arm, I moved to the Parent Company: an opportunity I seized with enthusiasm because it presented new cognitive horizons. ASTM is a large entity, operating in different yet related sectors, and this allows me to interface with many active professionals within the Group, and to refine one my ability to express myself on technical and not just institutional issues. I believe in the power of communication and the usefulness of telling the Group’s commitment and innovative projects, so I can say I love my job!»

ANDREA FIOCCHI - Inspector for Structures (Bridges, Viaducts, Tunnels)

«Immediately after I graduated, I began working for SINA, dealing with field inspections on motorway concessionaire structures. This has given me the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during my studies and to deepen the issues most closely related to road infrastructures. Working for SINA has allowed me to grow professionally: for several years I have been involved in activities related to the assessment of inspections, as well as the management of the latter with the coordination of a team of specialised technicians. I had the opportunity to become project manager and interface with leading figures such as university professors and industry professionals. In addition, I have taken various training courses, expanding my knowledge and acquiring new skills.»

LUCA LAFRANCONI - Project Engineer

«I began my career with the study of the seismic vulnerability of motorway viaducts followed by the subsequent support to the project manager in the management of seismic improvement projects in the various design phases. I then joined the Road and Rail Engineering team, with the role of managing the integrated design orders as well as of the safety barrier adaptation projects. Working for Sina has allowed me to grow professionally, collaborating with leading industry experts and university professors, as well as participating in training courses, most recently the one that led me to achieve Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.»