Board of Statutory Auditors

Board of Statutory Auditors

Andrea Bonelli - Chairman

Chartered Accountant and Independent Statutory Auditor. He gained professional experience in corporate consulting with particular specialisation in company assessment and restructuring and tax and corporate consulting.

He is Associate at the Signori – Professionisti Associati Firm.

He holds a number of roles as member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in major national companies, including TecnimontCaltagirone S.p.A. (Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors) and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roma Capitale.

An expert in corporate finance, he has participated in a number of M&A operations.

He is the author of several publications.

Piera Braja - Statutory Auditor

Chartered Accountant and Independent Statutory Auditor.

Partner and founder of the association “Gallone Aschieri Braja e Associati – Associazione Professionale Dottore Commercialisti”.

She holds and has held the office of Chairwoman of the Board of Statutory Auditors, Acting Auditor and Statutory Auditor in listed companies, other limited companies, foundations, associations and bodies in the Industrial Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Financial Services and Local Public Transport sectors. Offices held include: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, SITAF, SAGAT (operator of Turin Airport), PRAXI, Sait Finanziaria and Jacobacci&Partner.

She is Board Member of Centrale del Latte D’Italia and non-profit Fondazione per l’osteoporosi.

She is member of the Supervisory Board in limited companies, and corporate and tax consultant at limited companies and national and multinational groups in relation to ordinary, extraordinary and reorganisation operations.

Pellegrino Libroia - Statutory Auditor

Chartered Accountant and Independent Statutory Auditor, he is current Of Council at Law and Tax Firm Leo Associati.

He is Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Prysmian, Fininvest, Il Sole 24 Ore and Ethica Holding.

In the past he has been Chairman of Ernst & Young; Country Managing Partner for the Ernst & Young Italia network; Ernst & Young Mediterranean Sub Area Managing Partner (Italy, Spain and Portugal) with ordinary and strategic business operation duties and head of statutory auditing for major groups, including groups listed on the Italian Stock exchange.

Roberto Coda - Alternate Auditor

Chartered Accountant and Auditor.

He is founder and partner of the “Coda Commercialisti Associati” Firm, with expertise in tax and corporate law.

Some of his most significant previous and current appointments include the role of Auditor/Statutory Auditor at Smat SpA, ATIVA SpA, Prima Electro SpA and Itinera SpA.

Gasparino Ferrari - Alternate Auditor

Chartered Accountant and Auditor.

He is Chairman/Auditor/Statutory Auditor at a number of companies including Codelfa, Rivalta Terminal Europa, Tubosider and Taranto Logistica.

He has also acted as curator and carried out appraisals on behalf of the Courts of Alessandria and Pavia.

Luisa Marina Pasotti - Alternate Auditor

The Board of Statutory Auditors will expire its mandate on the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting called for the approval of the Financial Statements as at 31/12/2022.

Last update: 29/04/2021