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Quality policy

Quality policy

The Group’s quality management is directed at integrating the various skills present in the infrastructure network design, construction and management companies.

Analysis of the context in which the companies and all the interested parties operate (including the community and the people who work in the Group companies), as well as the clients, is a basic element for competition and sustainability, meaning both the capacity to create sustainable value for the shareholders, as well as a capacity to create sustainable projects, works and services for the reference context.

A careful definition of the Group’s objectives and those of the individual companies belonging to it underlies the management and this is translated into strategic and operative lines which include monitoring plans and indicators that each company periodically controls. Risk analysis is an approach that is being implemented at the various organisational levels in order to achieve the strategic and operative objectives and to better guarantee the return of investments.

Innovation, technological development, solid and long-lasting relationships with the stakeholders, developing business related and connected with the infrastructures, paying attention to the choice of suppliers and of the commercial partners in Italy and abroad are added to the objective of customer satisfaction.

Each Group company has its own quality management system, but the Group has created moments of dialogue when the companies communicate with one another to share experiences and define the main standards of common behaviour, while preserving the differences in the various companies which, despite sharing common values, still work in different areas with specific reference contexts.

The exploitation of these diversities is a further added value of the Group like the exploitation of the skills of the human resources which operate in the various companies and ensure safety and wellbeing at the workplace.
The guiding role of the central control bodies is a strategic aspect guaranteeing uniformity in the main lines of action in any case. The involvement of the Group in the main activities connected to the development of both the management and technical legal standards is also strategic.

Particular attention is paid to integrating the quality management system with other management systems like the System for the Prevention of Corruption, Social Responsibility and the management model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.