ASTM operates through its subsidiary ITINERA in a large-scale infrastructure projects and in civil and industrial construction.

ITINERA is one of the italian leading infrastructure company in its industrial sector thanks to its expertise, capabilities, know-how, revenues and backlog.

ITINERA is renowned or developing high quality solutions for the global market and it’s leader on infrastructure projects 4.0

ITINERA operates worldwide (Europe, Southern Africa, Middle East, Latin America and United States) in the following specific fields of activity:

  • Motorways and Railways
  • Tunnels and Underground works
  • Civil and Industrial buildings, Airports, Ports and Hospitals
  • Dams and maritime works
  • Toll road maintenance


ITINERA operates in the USA market trought Halmar International, one of the leading construction companies operating in the New York City area.

Halmar International is a leader in the implementation of large transport infrastructure projects.

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