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In the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) sector, ASTM operates through its subsidiaries Itinera, active in the sector of large infrastructure works and civil and industrial construction, SINA, the engineering company, and Euroimpianti, that manages installation projects.

Itinera is one of the leading Italian companies in the sector in terms of skills, know-how, revenues and order portfolio and provides its global customers with quality and innovative solutions and is a leader in 4.0 infrastructure projects.

Itinera operates worldwide (Europe, Southern Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the United States) in the following sectors:

  • road and rail infrastructure
  • tunnels and underground works
  • civil and industrial construction, ports, airports, hospitals
  • dams and maritime works
  • motorway maintenance


Itinera operates in the United States through Halmar International, one of the most important construction companies in the New York metropolitan area in the implementation of large transport infrastructure projects.

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Design is a key factor for transport and mobility operators.

ASTM operates in the engineering sector through its subsidiary SINA, which boasts a significant track record at international level, guaranteeing the best service to its customers and the most efficient infrastructure life cycle.

The Company is also specialised in the verification of tunnel safety and surveillance systems and in the control and inspection of infrastructures works, as well as in environmental monitoring.

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Last update: 06/09/2023