Our values

Being part of the ASTM Group means sharing not only the Group’s ambitions and development plans, but above all the principles and values that guide our activities in Italy and around the world. We believe in creating a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth, where diversity is considered an important value and an asset that makes our company even more inclusive.


The willingness to work as a team, sharing strategies to reach a shared objective and promoting a culture that welcomes interaction and stimulates engagement.

Safety and quality

The commitment to protect the health and safety of our employees and collaborators and to raise the quality standards of our infrastructure to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for our clients.


The centrality of technology and digital innovation to enhance transport infrastructure and promote increasingly efficient, safe and sustainable mobility.


The importance of constructing and developing a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, implementing verifiable and traceable procedures and engaging in clear and continuous dialogue.


The desire to act according to a shared code of ethics and conduct, adopting honest and responsible behaviour to establish long-lasting and productive relationships.


The ability to create value over time, to commit wholeheartedly to work and to confront the challenges of the future, with a view to continuous improvement.

Our Policies

Diversity and Inclusion

ASTM promotes a culture that helps people to recognise the value that a shared and diverse workforce can bring.

Human Rights

Among its objectives, ASTM aims to create a work environment that always considers the respect for individuality and personal dignity, rejecting all forms of discrimination.