Our selection process

In this section, we aim to answer some of the questions you may have when applying for a job using the company portal for the first time.

The selection process begins when we receive your application. The HR team assesses the candidates based on the requirements of the open position and identifies those who best meet the profile. In the screening phase, the various requirements evaluated include educational background, previous experience, proficiency in foreign languages and the willingness to travel nationally and internationally.

Candidates selected to advance to the next step will be contacted by our HR team for an informal interview, followed by a formal interview. If the interview is successful, candidates progress to the next step, consisting of a technical interview with the Operating Manager or Line Manager of the position in question, aimed at assessing the specific requirements of the role. Candidates who pass the selection process will then receive detailed on-boarding information.

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How do I apply for a position in one of the Group's companies?

Browse our open positions on the careers section of the website. If none of the vacancies matches your profile, send us your CV anyway. The HR team regularly monitors CVs sent on spec, and if a vacancy opens up that aligns with your profile, based on the search parameters and requirements of the position, your CV will be suggested by the system.

Which documents should I include in my application?

The only document we need is your most current CV. There is a box where you can write a short accompanying statement where you can describe why you are interested in the position and what you can bring to the company.

What format should my CV be in?

It’s up to you. The format isn’t important. What matters is that the selection committee can identify information about your educational and professional background. Describe the types of companies and sectors you’ve worked in and your experience, giving a brief description of your duties/responsibilities and projects.

Remember to include any language skills you have and to indicate your willingness to travel in Italy or abroad.

Can I apply for more than one position at once?

Yes, if you think that multiple positions align with your skills, aspirations or experience. However, we recommend focusing your search on the position that best matches your professional profile.

Can I send my CV on spec?

Yes. If none of the open positions match your profile at the moment, you can send us a CV on spec by clicking here .

Is the list of vacancies current?

If a vacancy is listed on the website, this means the recruitment process is still ongoing, and you can submit an application. Job posts are updated constantly based on the company’s requirements and recruitment programmes.

Will my personal data be protected?

All data will be processed in accordance with current privacy laws and used exclusively for the selection process.