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Our commitment to road safety

The “Let’s play it safe” initiative represents the result of the joint efforts of ASTM Group Dealerships, already actively involved in Autostradafacendo, in collaboration with the Traffic Police Service. This collaboration is further extended by actively involving local governments and educational institutions, creating a synergy that spans key regions and major municipalities crossed by the partner highways.

ASTM Group for Derthona Basket

ASTM has been supporting Derthona Basket for years, and in 2023 the Group edited a report to assess the impact generated by its sponsorship activities over the past two seasons in terms of positive effects on the community and the local area. The analysis highlighted the ability to generate value: €1 invested in Derthona Basket’s activities generates €3.53 in socio-economic impact, a value higher than the international average.

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Valutazione Impatto Derthona 2023- ASTM-01

ASTM and the territory: archaeological area of Luni


The archaeological area of Luni conserves and tells the millennia-long history of the Roman colony of Luna, founded in 177 B.C. on the border between Liguria and Tuscany in Italy, in a large port basin that is now buried and has become an integral part of the town.
Its treasures can be admired in the National Museum and the Luni Archaeological Park, which can also be reached by those traveling on the highway thanks to the dedicated link promoted and financed by the ASTM Group.

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ASTM and FAI: safeguarding Italy's historical, artistic and natural heritage

The ASTM Group supports FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (The national Trust of Italy) as a member of “FAI’s 200″, a group of companies and patrons born in 1987 and driven by great ideals, sensitive to the values of culture, art and nature, which supports the Foundation.

The common aim is to offer concrete support to an extraordinary project: to effectively protect and enhance Italy’s unique landscape and cultural heritage, among the richest in the world.

The collaboration with FAI represents one of the activities carried out by the Group for sustainable development. For ASTM, the growth of a country is linked to its ability to improve itself, by enhancing its culture and preserving its natural and historical heritage. By supporting the FAI, which has always protected this heritage in Italy, the Group demonstrates its commitment to the environment and its featured beauties.