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Toll road concessions

Toll road concessions

ASTM consolidated a solid trake record in road and toll road concessions.

Today the Group is the second toll road operator in the world with approximately 6,200 km of roads under concession in Italy, in Brazil and in UK.

In particular the Group is the main toll road operator in the North-west of Italy, in an area with among the highest per-capita income in Europe, with approximately 1,420 km of network under concession.

Through EcoRodovias, one of the largest player in the infrastructure sector in the country, manages approximately 4,700 km of roads in Brazil.

Through the shareholding in Road Link, the Group manages approximately 80 km of roads in the United Kingdom, between Newcastle and Carlisle.

Finally, the Group operates in the United States through ASTM North America, a fully integrated company seeking to develop greenfield transportation concession projects. Since 2019, the year it was founded, ASTM N.A. has been short-listed in five P3 tenders in the states of Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Florida, thanks also to the international track record, financial strength and vast global experience of the ASTM Group.

Network in the world

Motorway network in Italy

SATAP A4 Torino – Milano 130.3
A21 Torino – Piacenza 167.7
SALT A12 Sestri Levante – Livorno
A11 Viareggio – Lucca
A15 Fornola – La Spezia
A15 Parma – La Spezia 101 *
SAV A5 Quincinetto – Aosta 59.5
ADF A10 Savona – Ventimiglia 113.2
A6 Torino – Savona 130.9
ASTI – CUNEO A33 Asti – Cuneo 70.5
AUTOVIA PADANA A21 Piacenza – Brescia 111.6
ATIVA A55 Tangenziale di Torino
A5 Torino – Quincinetto
A4/A5 Ivrea – Santhià
A55 Torino – Pinerolo
SITAF T4 Traforo del Frejus
A32 Torino – Bardonecchia
TE A58 Tangenziale Esterna di Milano 32
SITRASB T2 Traforo del Gran San Bernardo 12.8

* + 83 km Parma-Nogarole Rocca section (under construction)

Motorway network in Brazil

ECOPONTE Rio de Janeiro
Noteroi – State of Rio de Janeiro
ECO101 Macuri/Ba – Rio de Janeiro border 479
ECOVIAS DOS MIGRANTES San Paolo – Porto Santos 177
ECOSUL Pelotas – Porto Alegre – Porto Rio Grande 457
ECOPISTAS San Paolo – Vale do Rio Paraiba 144
ECO050 Cristalina (Goias) – Delta (Minas Gerais) 437
BR-135 Montes Claros (Minas Gerais) 364
ECOVIAS DO CERRADO Jatai (Goias) – Uberlandia (Minas Gerais) 437
ECOVIAS DO ARAGUAIA Alianca do Tocantins (To) – Anapolis (Go) 851
ECORIOMINAS Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – Governador Valadares (MG) 727
ECONOROESTE São José do Rio Preto, Araraquara,
São Carlos e Barretos
Last update: 16/05/2023