Open positions

If you are looking for your next step and want to pursue your professional growth in a competitive and international environment, find out what our Group has to offer.
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Sector Company Position Location Date
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Technical Office Engineer Parma 02/07/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.BIM Coordinator - Electrical Denmark 03/07/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Capo Cantiere Benevento 23/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Qas Specialist Cremona 31/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Quantity Surveyor Brescia 24/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Planner Benevento 14/02/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Sustainabilty Expert Milan 29/05/2024
ConcessionsASTM S.p.A.Energy Manager Nord Italia 09/02/2023
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Direttore di Cantiere Brescia 27/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Gallery Engineer Milan 29/05/2024
TechnologySinelec S.p.A.Amministrativo di Cantiere Milano (MI) 08/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.BIM Coordinator Ancona 01/07/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Contabile Lavori Edilizia Verona 14/05/2024
TechnologySinelec S.p.A.Contabile Lavori Edile Villanova d'Albenga (SV) 20/05/2024
TechnologySinelec S.p.A.Direttore di Cantiere Edile Villanova d'Albenga (SV) 20/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Responsabile Qualità Benevento 23/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Health & Safety Specialist Alba 31/05/2024
ConstructionItinera S.p.A.Infrastructure/Construction Buyer Tortona 03/06/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Construction site Inspector Piemonte 29/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Junior Geologist Milan / Turin 29/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Site Operations Manager Liguria/ Piemonte/ Toscana 29/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Laboratory Experimenter Technician Tortona (AL) / Santo Stefano di Magra (SP) 29/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Project Manager Milan 29/05/2024
EngineeringSina S.p.A.Construction works of art Inspector - SITE Area - Inspections Tortona (AL)/ Santo Stefano di Magra (SP)/ Savona (SA)/ Aosta (AO) 29/05/2024