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Our vision

Our vision

Astm is a holding company involved in planning, constructing and managing infrastructure networks, particularly in the motorway sector, through its subsidiaries.

These works contribute to the development and progress of a Country, improve the mobility of people and goods and promote the economic and social growth of a territory.

However, a major work is not only the prerogative of technicians and engineers. It is something more, it involves the citizens, the area in which it is located, as its purpose is to permanently modify a territory, it has important implications on safety both in the construction phase and in the management phase.

It is a true collective work, a civil endeavour behind which lies the work of thousands of workers.
In conclusion, the start-up of an infrastructure is the end point of an articulated process which involves numerous stakeholders.

Astm, through its subsidiaries, addresses itself to all these players with a constant commitment towards respecting the environment, implementing road safety policies and developing the territory where it operates.

ASTM with Vision 2045

ASTM Vision 2045


Last update: 26/07/2022
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