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Following the successful outcome of the Voluntary Tender Offer promoted by NAF2 S.p.A., ASTM is a private company. ASTM Ordinary Shares have been delisted from the MTA as from 4 June 2021.

The Company is committed to maintaining accurate, timely and transparent communication with all stakeholders on strategic decisions, objectives and financial results. This section contains all the documentation necessary for an appropriate financial communication, also in compliance with market regulations, including the Share price history.

Following the delisting of its Shares from the MTA, ASTM has designated Italy as Home Member State pursuant to Directive 2004/109/EC and related implementing rules, for the purposes therein specified. Moreover, pursuant to Article 82-ter of the Issuers’ Regulation, ASTM does not intend to continue to publish on a voluntary basis periodic interim financial information in addition to the Annual and the Half-Year Financial Reports.

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Currency Type Par
ASTM (ex SIAS) 2005-17 (refunded) IT0003872394 Euro Convertible Bond €335m 2.625%
ASTM (ex SIAS) 2010-20 (refunded) XS0552569005 Euro Senior Secured Bond €500m 4.5%
ASTM (ex SIAS) 2014-24 (refunded) XS1032529205 Euro Senior Secured Bond €500m 3.375%
ASTM (ex SIAS) 2018-28 XS1765875718 Euro Senior Secured Bond €550m 1.625%
ASTM (2021-2033) XS2412267788 Euro Senior Unsecured Bond €1,000m 2.375%
ASTM (2021-2030) XS2412267515 Euro Senior Unsecured Bond €1,250m 1.5%
ASTM (2021-2026) XS2412267358 Euro Senior Unsecured Bond €750m 1.0%