Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro presidente ASTM

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro

Starting April 2016, Gian Maria Gros-Paolo is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intesa Sanpaolo, previously Chairman of the Management Board from May 2013; in addition he is presently the Independent Non-executive Chairman of ASTM S.p.A..
He is also Deputy Vice President of ABI, part of its Executive Committee and member of the Corporate Governance Committee of Borsa Italiana (the Italian stock exchange).
Currently a member of the LUISS University Management Board, he was Head of Economics and Business Sciences Department there from 2004 to 2011. Tenured professor of Business Economics at the University of Turin, then at LUISS University, from 1974 to 1995 he was the Director of the Institute of Research for Business and Development, the largest body in the field of economics within the National Research Council.
He was an Independent director for FIAT for 9 years (2005-2014), within which role he also presided the Audit Committee; from 2002 to 2010 he was also Chairman of Atlantia. Among the previous positions covered, of particular relevance the Chair of ENI (1999-2002) and IRI (1997-1999).
Within banking, he was an Advisor for Credito Valtellinese (2010-2012), Chairman of Credito Piemontese (2009-2011), Italy Senior Advisor for Sociétè Générale Corporate & Investment Banking (2005-2009), Member of the European Advisory Board for Rothschild & Cie Banque (2002-2005) and Advisor for CRT Bank (2000-2002).

Chief Executive Officer

Alberto Rubegni

Born in Pisa in 1951, Alberto Rubegni has a degree in civil engineering and he is the Managing Director of ASTM.
During his professional career he has occupied prestigious posts within the most important construction and general contractor companies in Italy.
He has managed some of the biggest infrastructure projects both nationally (such as the origin of the high-speed railway system with the Bologna-Florence and Turin-Milan lines) and internationally (Panama Canal).
His career started towards the end of the 70’s with electric and hydroelectric projects in the Middle East. Once back in Italy he worked for Girola, back then among the biggest construction companies in Italy. Girola then merged with Impreglio, the first Italian general contractor and among the biggest in the world, where he stayed for over 20 years, becoming its General and then Managing Director.

Daniela Gavio - Deputy Chairman

Daniela Gavio has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, obtained at the University of Genoa (I), she has considerable experience on managing with the Gavio Group and its subsidiaries and investee companies in the motorway concessions, constructions, technology, transports, logistics and marine sectors.

Roberto Testore (**) - Deputy Chairman

(**) Member of the “Risks and Sustainability Control Committee”

Roberto Testore is the Managing Director of Sofinter S.p.A. and AC Boilers S.p.A., a worldwide active group for the construction of industrial boilers used in the production of steam and energy, he is also the founder of the consultancy firms Fante Srl, of which he is the President, and Pantheon Italia Srl.

During his professional career he held various prominent posts, such as Chief Executive Officer for Trenitalia (2004-2006), Managing Director e General Manager for Finmeccanica (2002-2004), CEO and Director General for Fiat Auto (1996-2001) and for Comau (1994-1996) after joining the group in 1986.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Techwald Holding, Officine Meccaniche Cerutti, Bonfiglioli Riduttori, as well as Endurance Overseas and Endurance, the European subsidiaries of the Parent Company Endurance Technologies Ltd, of which he has been a member of the Board since October 2007.

Juan Angoitia - Director

Juan Angotia has a degree in Econimics obtained at the University of Madrid; he is the Managing Director of Infrastructure Group – of Ardian, a worldwide leading company in private investments.
Within the various posts currently occupied, he is the Chairman of the Management Board of Barcelona and Cadi Tunnels and of Trados M$% (E); Advisor for Wind Farms of Ausines and Veciana (E) and Ascendi (P).
Within the former professional roles, he was Principal of Citi Infrastructures Investors and Director of Grupo Ferrovial.

Caterina Bima (***) - Director

(***) Member of the “Supervisory Body”

Caterina Bima has a degree in Political Science and in Law, obtained at the University of Turin (I), she works as a notary.
Among the various posts, she is an advisor for the Unicredit Leasing Management and for the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Turin. She published and presented at several conventions on company legislation.

Giulio Gallazzi - Director

Giulio Gallazzi has an MBA (Cum Magna Laude) from SDA Bocconi Business School, Milan. As part of his MBA program he joined Harvard Business School where he completed his MBA thesis as a visiting scholar.

He began his working life in the United States, working as a senior consultant for a major American management consultancy.  In 1994 he returned to Italy becoming Partner and Managing Director of VV&A, a leading Italian management consultancy.

In 2001 in Milan, Giulio Gallazzi founded SRI SpA, his own advisory company in Italy, offering business development strategies, corporate financial advisory and investor relations services with a special emphasis on social and environment responsibility. Today this venture has become the SRI Group, a UK based holding company with operational offices in London, Milan, Rome, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Mexico City and several collaborations in 15 other countries worldwide.

The nine subsidiary companies of the SRI Group offer advice on business development, market entry strategies, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and corporate governance.

Among them is SRI Capital Advisers, an FCA authorised and regulated business which provides innovative investment advisory solutions for corporate and institutional investors. NPV, another subsidiary, focuses on business management advice in the corporate sphere with special competences and skills in the energy and infrastructures sectors.

He is currently a member of the Management Board of Mediaset SpA. He was also a member of the Management Board of Ansaldo STS, and Banca Carige.

Giulio works closely with a wide range of academic institutions, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations. This has helped SRI Group develop its distinctive network of connections which includes government institutions, major universities and environmental organizations.

During the course of his career, Giulio has published widely on issues related to corporate management and financial restructuring issues.

Giuseppe Gatto (**) - Director

(**) Member of the “Risks and Sustainability Control Committee”

Giuseppe Gatto has a degree in in Economics and Business obtained at the University of Turin (I); he is a business advisor for infrastructures and real estate companies. He is the founder of A.G. Energia Srl, a company that manages the production of renewable energy by solar panels. He started his career at Impresit S.p.A., a construction company part of FIAT Group, eventually becoming its Chief Financial Officer and subsequently Director General.
Following the merge of the construction companies Cogefar and Impresit into Impreglio in 1994, he became its Deputy Chairman until 2002.

Beniamino Gavio - Director

Beniamino Gavio has a degree in economics obtained at Kensington University (California, USA), he has considerable experience in management with the Gavio Group and its subsidiaries and investee companies in the motorway concessions, constructions, technology, transports, logistics and marine sectors.

Marcello Gavio - Director

Marcello Gavio was born in 1967 and has considerable experience of managing with the Gavio Group and its subsidiaries and investee companies in the motorway concessions, constructions, technology, transports, logistics and marine sectors.

Venanzio Iacozzilli - Director

Graduated in Civil Engineering and Construction, he is ITALTEL Consultancy re civil infrastructure and integrated facilities.

Since 1997 to 2008 he has held various prestigious positions in TELECOM/TIM: Territorial Organizational manager at Telecom Italia Real Estate, Organizational Director at Telecom Italia Group real Este, Organizational Director at Telecom Italia Infrastructure &Energy, Special Project Director at TIM 5G Infrastructure Deployment.

In Telecom he was Ceo of Olivetti Multi Services and Board Member of INWIT.

He started his professional activity in the construction field as Director of operative units in “Cozzani & Silvestri” and Intercantieri Spa companies.

Fabiola Mascardi (*) - Director

(*) Member of the “Appointments and Remuneration Committee”

Graduated in Law and with a PhD in International Law, is currently Chairman of IREN Ambiente S.p.A. and member of the Board of Directors of IREN S.p.A., a listed multiservice company active in the generation and distribution of electricity and district heating, gas distribution, integrated water cycle services and waste collection and disposal.

She is also a member of the governing council of the Carlo Felice Opera House and the Istituto Superiore di Studi of the University of Genoa, IANUA.

She has served on the board of Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. and ENAV S.p.A..

Finally, she is a consultant in communication, international relations and business development.

She teaches the economics of utilities at the engineering department, management major, of the University of Genoa and since 2001 works with the University of Rome 2 Tor Vergata, where she is a Professor of Law and Transport Policy as part of the Antitrust and Market Regulation Master’s Programme.

Since 1986, she has taught at various European universities, including the Bocconi University.

As an administrator at the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Commission from 1992 to 2003 she was a member of the task force on mergers, for the Legal Service of the European Commission, on the staff of Commissioner Monti and the staff of the Vice-President of the Commission, Loyola de Palacio, where she was head of European transport policy.

She worked with the Finmeccanica Group (now Leonardo) from 2003 to 2006 handling EU relations.

From 2006 to 2012 she was director of external relations for Ansaldo Energia.

Barbara Poggiali (*) - Director

(*) Member of the “Appointments and Remuneration Committee”

Barbara Poggiali has an engineer degree obtained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), with a Bachelor obtained in 1984, a Master in 1985 and a PhD in 1987.
She started her professional experience at McKinsey&Co., then moving to Bain. From 1995 to 2000 she worked for Omnitel (now Vodafone Italy) as a Strategy Director then as a Marketing & Sales Consumer Director. Afterwards she worked as a Chief Operating Officer at E.Biscom S.p.A. (now Fastweb) till 2002, moving to Cable and Wireless Plc. as Group Director Mobile.
From 2004 to 2011 she was the Chief Development Officer in RCS Mediagroup and, from 2009 to 2011, the Managing Director and Director General of Dada S.p.A.
From 2014 to 2017 she occupied the post of Strategic Marketing Director at Poste Italiane S.p.A. and Chairman for PosteMobile.
She is an Independent Director for various listed companies: Falck Renewables S.p.A. (from 2012), ASTM Autostrade Torino-Milano (from 2013) and SnaiTech S.p.A (from 2013). She is also an advisor for the Bocconi University of Milan.

Luigi Roth (**) - Director

(**) Member of the “Risks and Sustainability Control Committee”

Born in Milan on 1st November 1940, he graduated in Economics and Business at Bocconi University in Milan and he is a registered auditor.

After Pirelli, Finanziaria Ernesto Breda, Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie, Ferrovie Nord Milano, Ansaldo Trasporti and Finmeccanica, from 2004 to 2007 he was Deputy Chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A.; from 2009 to 2011 Chairman of the Consortium Città della Salute e della Ricerca di Milano; from 2001 to 2009 Chairman of Fondazione Fiera Milano and, from 2005 to 2014, Chairman of Terna S.p.A..

He is currently Chairman of Alba Leasing S.p.A., Equita Sim S.p.A. and Sec S.p.A. and Chairman of the Lombardo dei Cavalieri del Lavoro Group.

He stands out for his social commitment, where his managerial experience is at the disposal of institutes such as the Menotti Tettamanti Foundation for the study and assistance of childhood leukaemia.

He is Cavaliere del Lavoro, Cavaliere di Gran Croce al Merito of the Italian Republic and Gentiluomo di Sua Santità (TN these are official decorations given by the Italian Government and by the Pontificate, respectively).

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