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ASTM and the Disability Agenda, a shared path toward inclusiveness

ASTM e l’Agenda della Disabilità, un percorso condiviso verso l’inclusività_

ASTM and the Disability Agenda, a shared path toward inclusiveness

The Disability Agenda was established in 2021 as a result of the synergistic action of Fondazione CRT and the Consulta for People in Difficulty, with the aim of building a participatory model with its members and identifying concrete lines of action to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities.

As the first company in the for-profit world to join the Agenda, the ASTM Group supports and shares its values, committing to actual projects aimed at improving the welcome of people with disabilities inside and outside the workplace. To raise people’s awareness on this issue, the video pill initiative “The Right Words” visible by clicking here, is now followed by the project related to motorway service areas.

The program dedicated to the accessibility of service areas was presented today during the annual meeting of the Disability Agenda, held on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023. A multidisciplinary group of experts will produce Guidelines to ensure the inclusiveness of these facilities, synthesizing them into a practical reference document that ASTM can use to direct Service Area Management Entities to progressively improve the accessibility and usability of the offered spaces.

Roberto Arditi, Scientific Coordinator and Head of Road Safety of SINA – ASTM Group, explained how this initiative is part of a broader Group framework that, thanks to the involvement of substantial human, technical and economic resources, aims to ensure the safety of all users, as well as highway services and traffic efficiency, both in ordinary and emergency conditions.