Opening of the new stop-off area and walkway to the Luni national archaeological museum park, funded by SALT

Opening of the new stop-off area and walkway to the Luni national archaeological museum park, funded by SALT

Since 18 May, the Luni National Archaeological Museum Park has become even more accessible to visitors, thanks to the opening of the new link with the A12 Motorway via the “Antica Luni” stop-off area and its pedestrian walkway.

The aim of the project has been to create a link so that visitors can enjoy in full the historical and archaeological heritage of the area, even directly from the Motorway, thus further valuing this important historical area, as well as the entire territory between La Spezia and Carrara.

The new, spectacular walkway, along a striking, multimedia tunnel, gives visitors easier access to one of the most important archaeological areas in Italy, also enabling them to enjoy some fascinating visitor routes which have recently been redeveloped.

A “lighthouse” built with a load-bearing structure in concrete and steel and with Carrara white marble facing is an important feature, supporting the walkway and paying homage to the lighthouse of the port of Luni (“Portus Lunae”) which was once located there.

The works were promoted and funded by the Motorway Licensee SALT (SIAS Group).

All works were carried out as part of a close and profitable partnership with MiBAC and the Liguria Museum Network, as well as Municipalities involved – to create a project integrated with the reference context and surrounding area.

”It is an honour for all of us to have completed this important work bringing value for tourism and the historical and cultural heritage of the archaeological area of Luni”, commented Paolo Pierantoni, Chairman of the SIAS Group. ”Our motorway licensee SALT connects prestigious locations in Liguria and Tuscany each day, and thanks to this project, the considerable heritage of the area and entire country, which deserves to be discovered, visited and appreciated by everyone, is now more readily accessible to a wide-ranging public.”

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