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Completion of the A21 “Corda Molle” motorway junction by YE 2023, near Brescia, Italy

Completion of the A21 “Corda Molle” motorway junction by YE 2023, near Brescia, Italy

The works to complete the Montichiari-Ospedaletto motorway junction, locally also known as “Corda Molle” due to its rounded shape, are expected by the end of the year. Once completed, the infrastructure will have a total length of approximately 30 km: the first 17 km between Montichiari and Alzano Mella were opened to traffic in 2012, and work is currently underway for the completion of the other 12 km along the stretch Alzano Mella-Ospitaletto.

Given the radial structure of the Brescian provincial road system, with long provincial and state roads converging towards the provincial capital, the junction acts as an external ring road, with significant benefits to the local road network, and as an important connector within the territory.

In fact, the infrastructure will connect the Ospitaletto toll plaza on the A4 MI-BS motorway with the Brescia-Montichiari airport. It will also intercept traffic not destined for the urban area of Brescia, intersecting with the A4 BS-VR-VI-PD through the connection with Brescia East, with the A21 TO-BS in Brescia Sud and with the A35 BreBeMi. The ring road will offer two lanes in each direction plus an emergency lane.

The construction of the last 12 km started in 2020, after the takeover of Autovia Padana, a company of the ASTM Group, as the new concessionaire of the A21 Piacenza-Brescia.

The construction of the missing segment of the “Corda Molle” is now close to completion and the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, together with the representatives of the territory, carried out a technical inspection yesterday 9 January 2023 to verify its status, appreciating the observance of execution times and the effective collaboration between the public and private sectors that have characterized this project.