Sustainability Indices

Sustainability Indices

Sustainability indices and ratings assess companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

They are the recognition of a clear long-term strategic vision, stability of operational management and commitment to meeting environmental and social needs.

Below are the results achieved so far by ASTM:

Standard Ethics Rating

Standard Ethics, an independent sustainability rating agency, has updated a Standard Ethics Rating on ASTM, assigning an EE (full investment grade) rating, recognising how the Company has adopted both ESG reporting models and sustainability strategies in line with international guidelines promoted by the UN, OECD and the European Union and has adequately addressed environmental, social and security issues.

The outlook attributed to ASTM is “Positive“, foreseeing a Long Term Expected SER over 3/5 years of EE+ (Very strong).

CDP Climate Change

ASTM has joined the “CDP Climate Change” program promoted by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the international non-profit organization that assesses the transparency of major industrial and financial groups in the disclosure of information on their environmental impacts, with the aim of contributing to the fight against climate change at the global level.

Confirming its commitment to managing and reducing its environmental impacts, the Group has obtained an assessment corresponding to “B” on a scale of 8 values (from the most virtuous to the least virtuous: A, A-, B-, C, C-, D-).

Future Respect Index 2019

ConsumerLab has included the ASTM Group’s Sustainability Report in the 2019 Future Respect Index.

The document has been identified by consumers among the 40 Sustainability Reports (out of more than 800 analysed) that are clearer and more effective in highlighting a business management respectful of the future, aware of the common good, careful to the general interest and aimed at social cohesion.

The assessment criteria was also based on the capacity of the Sustainability Report to involve consumers and make them conscious of the culture of sustainability.

Last update: 30/10/2020