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Platform rainwater harvesting and reuse systems for ASTM motorways

Platform rainwater harvesting and reuse systems for ASTM motorways

The digital and ecological transformation project of the A4 Turin-Milan promoted by ASTM will project the motorway into a new dimension, among the most modern and advanced in Europe. Along the 125 km stretch, many innovative solutions will be implemented with the aim of increasing safety levels, improving the quality of travel for users and safeguarding the environment.

Within this Highway to the future framework, near the Biandrate / Vicolungo toll station, the ASTM Group is constructing the first rainwater harvesting and reuse system. The motorway system constitutes, with its numerous and significant impermeable surfaces, an extraordinary tool for intercepting water resources that, thanks to a special collection and regimentation system, will flow into appropriate storage tanks for future use. In compliance with the specific technical regulations of the sector, the water collected will be treated and allowed to re-enter the internal production cycle of the motorway ecosystem. Specifically, the water be used for daily cleaning and sanitary activities by the toll plaza and the adjacent service area, for cooling and heating use in heat pumps and for the production of saline mixture for anti-freeze treatment. In addition, the water can also be used by external entities located in the vicinity of the facility, both for agricultural and industrial use.

Today, the President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, and the Councillor for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works, Marco Gabusi, visited the construction site, and ASTM’s technical staff illustrated to them the project and its benefits.

The Biandrate water collection system is the first of the interventions of this type planned along the A4 Turin-Milan motorway. Next year planning will begin for the construction of similar systems along the entire section, including two particularly important ones at the interconnection with the Tangenziale Nord di Torino A55 (Turin’s northern bypass) and at the Chivasso Centro junction. Subsequently, these systems will also be implemented in the other Italian concessionaires managed by the Group.

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