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Experience summer, immerse yourself in culture and beauty. Visit FAI sites.

Experience summer, immerse yourself in culture and beauty. Visit FAI sites.

In summer 2021, ASTM Group will once again support and promote the initiatives of Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), which has been committed to promoting Italy’s historical, natural and architectural heritage together with its members for over 40 years.

There are, in fact, many opportunities and events proposed by FAI during this season, with the goal of helping people to discover (or rediscover) the FAI-protected sites all over Italy and to offer interesting and suggestive experiences.

One example is the “Sere FAI d’Estate” (“FAI Summer Nights”) that, with extended opening hours, make it possible to visit often lesser-known places until sunset, thereby enjoying a special atmosphere and to participate in special initiatives.

Furthermore, the events organised in 2021 reflect the commitment to the diffusion of a “culture of nature“, through initiatives that promote the knowledge of the natural heritage (from botany to the history of gardens and the Italian rural countryside) that FAI takes care of.

We invite you to discover any proposals for a day trip or a short holiday to re-establish contact with nature and art, to experience culture and beauty on FAI’s website:

The ASTM Group supports the Fondo Ambiente Italiano as a member of “The 200 of FAI“, a group of generous sponsors founded in 1987 and driven by high values, sympathetic to the values of culture, art and nature, with the aim of supporting the Foundation in the protection and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of Italy.