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A4 Turin-Milan: SATAP concessionaire connecting to the territory with the restoration of the Church of San Rocco

A4 Turin-Milan: SATAP concessionaire connecting to the territory with the restoration of the Church of San Rocco

The history of the Church of San Rocco deserves to be told. The intertwining of elements of progress and innovation, such as the improvement of infrastructures, and the desire to save and enhance a place that is significant for the community has materialized in the recovery of this building.

The chapel was built in the 18th century in Rondissone, not far from Turin, in an elevated position to embrace the surrounding area and was dedicated to San Rocco, a tireless pilgrim, so that he could protect travellers along their journey. With the construction of the Turin-Milan motorway, inaugurated in 1932, the building remained beyond the motorway axis with respect to the town and gradually lost its importance.

In 2005 SATAP, concessionaire of the A4 Turin-Milan motorway and part of the ASTM Group, in collaboration with the institutions and the curia, decided to finance the restoration project of the Chapel and the construction of an ordinary access road system from the town. At the same time as some motorway modernization works, SATAP has restored the building, which was in an evident state of deterioration due to disuse and lack of maintenance over time.

The restoration and static consolidation took place in full respect of the original appearance of the chapel which, in its small size, is full of elements of interest, including the eighteenth-century facade and the internal pictorial decorations in the presbytery area, both restored to their beauty original.

Today the completely restored Church of San Rocco, with its churchyard and furnished green area, is visible from far off on the motorway. As you get closer, it can be admired from different perspectives. The Church is a point of reference both for travellers, who can notice it during transit or when they stop in the like-named “San Rocco” rest area along the A4, and for the inhabitants of Rondissone and neighbouring towns, because it has once again become a place of participatory worship.

The process of digital transformation and ecological transition of the A4 motorway continues today: the investment in advanced technologies and the ongoing commitment of ASTM to search for sustainable solutions are an integral part of the long-term strategy of the Group, which aims aim to continuously improve the travel experience and the quality of the service offered, all the while respecting the territory it serves.